Embody your cosmic wisdom

It’s time to live your highest expression

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Byron Bay Australia Oct 2024

“The journey back to wholeness is a process of shedding all that you are not, in order to re-embody all that you truly are. That moment of remembering yourself is pure bliss.”

The Rainbow Tablets

You hold great gifts and wisdom within

And you’ve found your way to this page because your heart is ready to remember.

The key is your own embodiment. That’s your superpower. It’s how you unify Earth and stars within. It’s how you remember your purpose. And it’s how you become a master creator, manifesting your highest reality. 

This could be in the corporate space, your own venture, or even how you show up for your family. You don’t need to know the answer. Because your highest expression is something you live into. 

Now is the time to start living your most authentic, abundant and magical life. Join me today – I can’t wait to walk alongside you!

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Rainbow Pyramid daily practice

More than an energy protection practice, the Rainbow Pyramid is a sacred design. It will help you come into wholeness and sovereignty, attract abundance and create your highest reality, every day.


Hi, I’m Sia-Lanu Estrella

As a child, I felt connected to everything and saw the magic all around me. But, like most, I learned to conform. For a decade, I excelled in my corporate career. I was ‘succeeding at life’.

But always underneath, there was a yearning for something more… More authentic. More fulfilling. More magical. Then one day, the whispers of my heart became giant roars.

Now, I’m the author and channel of the internationally acclaimed Rainbow Tablets books. Australian-born, I lived in Peru for three years before moving to the United Kingdom. I see clients transform their lives through my programs and mystery school. And I share cosmic retreats in Peru, England, South Africa and more.

Most importantly, I’m happy. My life is full of love, abundance and the sacred. And I literally create my highest reality.

Best of all, this is not unique to me. Every single one of us is a master creator. YOU are a master creator. I’m so excited to help you to unlock your gifts and awaken your multidimensional mastery!


“The full embodiment of your multidimensionality takes place through the process of coming back to wholeness. It enables you to weave your magic and create as the creator force. You are literally creating with love, from love and as love itself.”


The Rainbow Tablets