South Africa 

September 2024

Cosmic activations and sacred songlines. What gifts will you awaken?

The animal spirits and sacred sites of South Africa are powerful amplifiers of the cosmic remembering and the Rainbow Frequency. When you make eye contact with these incredible animal spirits, it is like they are transmitting deep into your soul. And the ley lines that run through South Africa connect with many other sacred sites. To stand in ceremony and deep connection in these places is to walk between dimensional planes. It is an experience beyond words. And I am so excited to invite you to join this powerful equinox retreat.

This is a truly life-changing and expansive journey. If you feel the call to join us, book a call now. There are only 3 spots left.


This is the first South Africa retreat. But hear what people say about other retreats.

“My trip to Peru with Sia-Lanu was absolutely amazing! Sia-Lanu held such a strong container for all of us, that I actually felt like I was in another dimension. This special land and its sacred sites have so much to offer. So many rememberings and such magical energy. When I close my eyes now, I can still feel it.

I have come home with such a feeling of peace and purpose. I 100% know who I am now and what I have come to do on my Earth walk. I am so grateful to Sia and her team for this experience. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone who is wanting guidance, healing, expansion and a jump into their next timeline. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Lianne, Zimbabwe

Your South Africa retreat

Sun 22 Sep — Mon 30 Sep 2024
9 days / 8 nights

sacred South Africa retreat starts on the equinox at a truly powerful megalithic site. Through the ley lines, it is connected to the White Lions at Timbavati, who are holders of the Lyran star codes. This site acts as a portal for us to connect with our star teams. And the Lyran lion and lioness beings are our wonderful guides for this life-changing journey.

Throughout the retreat, you will sit in ceremony and activations with Sia-Lanu Estrella, awakening your deeper cosmic connection and highest cosmic remembering. And Dean Liprini will guide you in tuning into the songlines and astrological connections of each site. Plus you will experience the magic of the animal messengers, opening to receive all the gifts they have to share.

This sacred songlines and cosmic activations journey will elevate you into a whole other level of multidimensional embodiment. And it is a life-changing gift to yourself.


Step into this cosmic gateway

Day 1: Opening ceremony

You will arrive at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport the day before or early this morning. At midday, we travel into the beautiful mountains – a land of wild horses and Adam’s Calendar. Here we come into our opening circle and plant our seed of intention on this special day of Spring Equinox.

Day 2: Sunrise ceremony at Adam's Calendar

Enjoy a sunrise ceremony and activation at the sacred megalithic site, Adam’s Calendar. The site is known by Zulu Elders as 'birthplace of the sun'. It's believed the two main calendar stones can receive energy from other ancient sites around the world. And a ley line connects Adam’s Calendar with the sacred white lions of nearby Timbavati. The white lions are known by local elders as star messengers, and we will connect with them in their Lyran frequency. Next, we head to Kruger National Park and the animals of Africa!

Day 3: Sunrise and sunset game drive

Time on this powerful land where the animals roam free is something you will never forget. We start our day with a professional sunrise game drive. After breakfast, we explore the animal kingdom further with our own transport. Next it’s time for lunch and a rest, then we gather in sacred circle with Sia-Lanu. Our beautiful day at Kruger National Park finishes with a sunset game drive.

Day 4: Morning energy work & fly to Cape Town

After breakfast we tune in together once more. Then it’s off to Nelspruit airport to fly to Cape Town. On our way out, we drive through the park for another hour or two, enjoying some last special sightings.

Day 5: Paarl Mountain

Today you meet Paarl mountain. On this sacred pregnant belly of Pachamama, you connect with the sacred seed stone. This is a powerful interdimensional portal. And its energy is heightened by the vortex created by the convergence of two great mountain ranges. We also visit the sacred hippo fertility cave and pay our respects to the ancients. This is a truly powerful day with deep connection and activation.

Day 6: Table Mountain & Lion's Head Mountain

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today we take the scenic cable car to Table Mountain and connect with this great wisdom keeper. Dean will share the deep significance of the mountain to the Bushman people, and its alignments with the sun. Next we enjoy an activation with Sia-Lanu at nearby Lion’s Head Mountain, a powerful gatekeeper and the convergence point of three songlines. After checking into our hotel, you have time off to explore the beautiful white beach of Noordehoek. Our day concludes with a sunset integration circle.

Day 7: All-seeing Eye Pyramid & Ascension Cave

We have a very powerful morning as we visit the All-Seeing Eye Pyramid Rock for an 11:11 activation with Sia Lanu. Then Dean will make a shamanic tea from surrounding healing herbs to help you take in the Earth heaven song and connect more deeply with the energies. After lunch, we hike to the Ascension Cave. This is one of the most powerful sites on our journey – a giant metamorphosed crystalised quarzitic torus cave. Finally, we return to the hotel for sunset and dinner near the ocean.

Day 8: Cape Point & closing ceremony

We journey further along the Peninsula. En-route we visit the Simon’s Town penguin colony, home to the African penguin. At the Cape of Good Hope, we place our feet into the ocean at this vortex of sacred waters to experience the powerful energies there. This is the south-western tip of Africa, the divine tuning fork where we resonate with these frequencies. Here at this powerful Earth energy point, at the primal Root Chakra of Africa, we come into our closing ceremony on the beach.

Day 9: Breakfast & depart

After a beautiful breakfast together, we share our goodbyes. You are free to depart for your onwards flight, flying out of Cape Town airport.

Gift yourself this life-changing and sacred journey.
Only 3 spaces left.


Meet Sia-Lanu

Sia-Lanu Estrella is an author, channel and multidimensional healer

Born and raised in Australia, Sia-Lanu spent years three years living in the Peruvian Andes before moving to the United Kingdom. She is the author and channel of the internationally acclaimed Rainbow Tablets books. As an accredited Shamanic practitioner and multidimensional healer, Sia-Lanu helps clients to awaken their cosmic remembering and step into their highest expression. She has worked closely with traditional Wisdom Keepers and sacred sites across the world. For almost a decade, she has offered life-changing global retreats. They are deeply transformational journeys into the sacred and mystical. And they empower you to walk in sacred co-creation with Earth and stars and unlock your greatest gifts.

Meet Dean

Dean Liprini is a sacred sites researcher, author and geomancer (Earth diviner)

Dean grew up on the lower slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder and CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa. With more than 30 years’ experience in this field, he is the author of ‘Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond’. Being a pioneer of archaeo-astronomy in South Africa, Dean has weaved together the many layers of ancient history uncovered by his research and findings. And he adds his insight and knowledge of the metaphysical healing properties that surround and enshrine these sacred places. Dean lovingly and masterfully co-creates each journey and experience in divine alignment with the particular frequency of the group.

This is the first South Africa retreat. But hear what people say about other retreats. 

“The trip with Sia-Lanu and her team was literally out of this world. What a way to approach these sacred lands, being held and led by someone who knows them intimately and brings such love and reverence to them. Each hike was a spiritual medicine walk. Each offering to the awe-inspiring mountain spirits was authentic and deeply moving. Sia-Lanu helped us transform from a group of strangers to deeply connected and supportive friends. She made us feel safe and supported, and at the same time encouraged us to push beyond our limits. This pilgrimage left me empowered and liberated to an extent I could not have imagined. It will forever stay with me.”

Heide, United States

Discover the power of South Africa's mystical lands and all they will awaken within you.